Research Grants

End year 2011

  1. Graph Theory Based Preconditioners In Solving Symmetric Positive Definite Linear System
  2. An Impulsive Approach For Numerical Investigation Of Hybrid Fuzzy Differential Equations And Intuitionistic Treatment For Fuzzy Ordinary And Partial Differential Equations
  3. A Study On T-best Approximation Problems In Fuzzy N-normed Linear Spaces
  4. Local Nonsimilarity Solution On Free And Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow Over A Vertical Plate
  5. Non-linear Wave Modulation In A Fluid-filled Stenosed Elastic Tube

End year 2013

  1. Effect Of Feedback Control On Convective Flow Inside A Porous Square Cavity Presence Of Heat Generation
  2. Bipolar-valued Fuzzy Finite State Machine

End year 2014

  1. Pembangunan Model Rangkaian Neural Teguh
  2. Differential Transformation Method (DTM) In Solving Stiff Systems Of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) Problems
  3. Oscillatory Free Convection Flows About A Circular Cylinder In Presence Of Heat Generation
  4. A New Guided Artificial Bee Colony Heuristic For Manufacturing Scheduling
  5. Development Of An Automated Numerical Solver Using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  6. Jawi - Based Dyslexia Screener For Malay Language: An Exploratory Study
  7. Penggunaan Model Polya Di Kalangan Guru Matematik Sekolah Rendah

End year 2015

  1. Electrokinetic-asisted Phytoremediation Of Heavy Metal In Riverbank Soil
  2. Synchronization for Different Opinions in Malaysia Multi-Racial Society: A Mathematical Exploration Study.
  3. The Fuzzy C-regression Lqd Models Toward Scale Of Health In The Intensive Care Unit
  4. Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (pogil) In Discrete Mathematics
  5. Numerical Investigation Of A Steady Convective Flow Of A Nanofluid In The Presence Of Heat Source With Variable Stream Condition Due To Solar Energy
  6. Analytical Approach To Unindirectional Flow Of Non-Newtonian Fluids Of Differential Type